The Cats Are Back in Town (live)

by Antarcticats

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Recorded live on December 18, 2015 @ Young Camelot in Chicago, Illinois by Chris Lee & Colin Mulhern

Andrew Joyce - guitar, vocals
Chris Senador - bass
Chad Miller - drums

Mixed & Mastered by Chris Senador

We want to thank every single person that made our first-ever tour possible - everyone that helped us set up shows, let us crash on their couches, and came out to support us in cities we'd never been to before. There are way too many names to list out here but none of it would have been possible without the friends we made on the road.

Special thanks to everyone at Young Camelot for hosting this show and recording it. We truly hope that YC will get back on its feet and return in an even better iteration in the near future!


released February 12, 2016



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Antarcticats Atlanta, Georgia

Antarcticats are a four-piece surf punk band hailing from Atlanta, GA, featuring Andrew Joyce on guitar and vocals, Lisa Rossi on lead guitar, Chris Senador on bass, and Chad Miller on drums.

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Track Name: Intro / Serpentine (live)
it's great to see you guys
we're all the way from the ATL
atlanta, georgia
it's our last night on tour
and we're excited to see you all
Track Name: Outlaw Country (live)
have you guys ever heard of "surf rock"?
Track Name: Quarter Life Crisis (live)
*mic gets knocked over*
*mic gets picked up*

thank you!
Track Name: Shouts & Screams (live)
this is the fun part of the song!

let me see your moves, chicago

let me see
Track Name: Stardust Surfing (live)
it took us 15 months to play that song correctly!

okay there's a lot of balloons sitting around here, I want you to grab a balloon
and just hold on to it
you'll need it later

okay, now I want you to take those balloons
and throw those mother fuckers in the air!
Track Name: Typhoon (live)
hey on the count of 3 I want you to say your favorite color
1 2 3!


me too!

FUCK (that's fast)!
Track Name: War Stories / Amateur (live)
hell yeah
so start us off, chad

*what's a guitar tuner?*