Irregardless / Short Stories Deluxe EP

by Antarcticats

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  • Deluxe EP (Irregardless + Short Stories)
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released November 14, 2015

Existential panic, topped with loud guitars, soaked in reverb. Chill overnight and serve.

Short Stories EP
Released March 14, 2015
Tracked/Mixed by Chris Deese & Kishore Karnik at Under the Couch Studios
Mastered by Greg Hendler

Irregardless EP
Released November 14, 2015
Tracked & Mixed by Bennett Kane at The Tone Loft
Mastered by Greg Hendler

Much love to our family and friends, who have supported us, inspired us, driven us, pushed us, propelled us, catapulted us, coached us, trained us, or otherwise moved in a forward motion us every step of the way.



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Antarcticats Atlanta, Georgia

Antarcticats are a four-piece surf punk band hailing from Atlanta, GA, featuring Andrew Joyce on guitar and vocals, Lisa Rossi on lead guitar, Chris Senador on bass, and Chad Miller on drums.


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Track Name: Quarter Life Crisis
static on the radio
portraits of people you don't know
faces staring down the line
memories from another time
but it's still the same there

tell me, tell me, what's the point?
when every move seems to disappoint
years go by yet there's no change
the stomping grounds
that i used to claim
yeah it's still the same there

now all the words you say are wrong
where's the youth i counted on?
has it merely come and gone?

search for meaning, search for love
search for answers you were deprived of
if you leave no impact, make no mark
you will find that once you depart
it is still the same there
Track Name: Typhoon
oh the lights of the night
they were slipping to me
and you looked at me with a frown
as you melted into the ground
then you said:
"hey you're looking kind of strange"
as the world it began to spin
and then my mind caved in

then the thud, a flash
and a crash of lightning
it lit you up like a match
whose fire would just not catch
then they took me away
they said you were gone
but to the straitjacket that i put on
the voices said "so long"

and i am fine this time
Track Name: Serpentine
i'm on a tightrope honey, and i can't seem to find my way back down, and oh the sound coming out of your mouth is the poison, so seeing as i'm done let's have some fun. and don't you think that I haven't picked up on the stares and dirty looks, you fucking crooks. you couldn't hope to compete with the elite, you all sound just the same; it's such a shame

don't you think that it's pointless
to be where you've been before?
and the words that you said
don't matter to me anymore
yeah the night's getting to me
so here's the door

now i know what you're thinking, it's been there on your face all along - but know you're wrong. 'cause i can't stand accusations of taking the easiest way out, let's talk about how you slither and slip like a serpent in everything you do, it's just like you. but i won't let you get away this time, because you're mine.
Track Name: Outlaw Country
i've got a fire in my veins
and though i try, i just cannot contain
all the panic and the sins
thoughts and words but there's no recompense
oh no

they're actors on a stage
there's words but there's no rage
the only winning move
is just to not play their game
there's nothing that i can save
Track Name: War Stories
tell me a story from the war
back when i was young
the same that i learned to abhor
and tell me, can you hear me?
i'm preaching to the choir
did you know it was you i admired?

dark clouds, they came
what could i say?
you changed
i learned to be ashamed

father, are you proud now?
i'm your son
and i've gone off to school
to save the planet from the fools
there's so much i should tell you
but the years that have since passed
have borne this great contrast

the words you said
that once filled me with dread
now inspire instead
all stories have to end
Track Name: Dance the Night Away
i was a far cry from romantic
slightly pedantic, more insecure than i'd admit
yeah she was stunning, and for her I pined
not short of divine,
with lips as blood red as red wine
the boys were headed for the cabaret
she asked me to stay, i'd naught to do
but to obey
she claimed she knew this place downtown
some party's going down
and this might be my very last chance

what is this? (woah)
girl, what's on your mind tonight? (woah)
crack a smile (woah)
dance, oh dance the night away

we arrived, our group had coalesced
dressed up in my best,
but still quite nervous nonetheless
with music bumping, she led us inside
yeah here i must confide,
i felt just like Jekyll and Hyde
caught between two different points of view
desire to pursue
and to see through this pas de deux
yet this anxious heart is beating fast
how long must feelings last?

fleeting thoughts that warn of doom
come into this smoky room
promises like chains will bind
everything is fine
Track Name: Amateur
what are you talking about, the same old things?
putting that attitude on with the claims that I don't know anything
your tales of woe, telephones, and of "conquest" have no sway
and broken bones no they don't ever heal in quite the same way

'cause what you're saying don't make sense
and yeah, it's plain to see
you're just trying to pull one over on me

what do you take me for?
an amateur I'm sure
said I've heard it all before
here we go again, shalalalala

don't take it personally, but I can see right through
all those glares that you throw,
you'd agree that this is long overdue
and yeah it's shitty, always shitty, I'm sorry but there's no proof
that the universe ever had it out for you
Track Name: Stardust Surfing
wake up, wake up
it's in and out everyday
make up, make up
white lies we all create

whoa, I want to feel the sunshine
while carving through gravity's surf

shape up, shape up
and try again next year
kiss and make up
apologize and shed a tear

whoa, I'll watch the rings of Saturn
float by as I hit the foam

mayday, mayday
we're lost in interstellar space
so far away
no contact with the human race

whoa, I'm facing interference
and hurdling right towards the sun
Track Name: Shouts & Screams
it was late on a friday night
when the phone sang its refrain
said her head hurts, she's got a migraine
now I'm on the prowl for fever pills

then the night by moonlight saw its right by means,
so the medicine seems
then I heard shouts & screams
yelling "someone call the police!"

in a car on the corner there's
where the couple started their scuff
yeah, well I think I've had quite enough
gonna head back home for the night
before things start getting rough

well the fight spilled to the street
and I tried to retreat
I saw fists fly and I heard her cry:
"oh why'd you cheat?"

and I thought I'd got away
but the cops they joined the fray
they said I'd be just grand for the witness stand
since I saw foul play

I told my story once
they took the pills as evidence
don't be upset, I didn't just forget
your medicine
Track Name: Whatever, Whatever
I've been gone for such a long time
or so it seems; I haven't felt alive
for at least three years
so walk with me beneath the moonlight
I promise I am here to stay
so shake away those fears

and it's strange, when I close my eyes
your face is all I can find
I've lost my mind
since I've been away, all that I can say
is "whatever, whatever"

I've seen wonders in my travels
the stars that light the sky at night
our structures rearranged
and I have fought the dead that stalked me
I've struck down ghosts that haunt my past
and faced those that remained